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What is SoPsyched

SoPsyched is a first-of-its-kind online mental health and addictive behavioral treatment platform. Utilizing innovative technology, best clinical practices, and holistic approaches. SoPsyched offers you the best of both worlds. Using a hybrid approach, SoPsyched offers both online and in-person mental health services, including our specialized In-Home Counseling services.

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Online Therapy Services

Online Therapy Services Pricing
therapeutic chatting and texting
Therapeutic Chatting
Chatting with a SoPsyched counselor allows you to connect in real life time, which enables you to gain valuable insights in the moment.
$70 / Week
online therapy los angeles
Online therapy and coaching sessions.
Online therapy is convenient, confidential and affordable. Our therapist are compassionate, inspirational and empowering.
$90 / Week
online therapeutic groups
Therapeutic Groups
The interactive nature of group therapy creates an environment that promotes acceptance, empowerment, and a sense of oneness. We offer various types of groups that are facilitated by a highly skilled therapist, as well as many self-help groups.
$45 / Week

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Benefits Of Therapeutic Chatting And Online Therapy Sessions
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Excellent Client Care

SoPsyched’s first guiding principle is the deep belief, and commitment in providing excellent client care.

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Convenient & Flexible

Services are provided to you when and how you need them. Life happens in a second, and we are there for you at the touch of a button.

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Your mental health is one of your most important assets. Consideration needs to be Given to excellent care and not just the lowest cost. you deserve the best.

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A Counselor just for you

At SoPsyched we recognize that everyone has different needs, wants and goals. We offer a wide variety of specialist. Which would include: Lic: psychotherapist, relationship specialist, spiritual counselors, social and life skills therapist, certified addiction specialist, parent coaching counselors, adolescent experts, and many other specialist.

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Clinical excellence starts at the top. Created and managed by seasoned Mental Health professionals.

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SoPsyched lives by the highest standards in the industry. It is our honor to respect your privacy…

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In-Home Counseling

We see you in your environment... The healing power of in home therapy!

one on one online counseling
One on One
Self Care…
couples counseling therapy online

Couples Counseling Online

We heal through relationships…
family therapy online
Family Therapy
It is transformative, compassionate, and inspiring...

I say YES to a Healthy and loving family experience!

Treatment Team Approach

At SoPsyched we are dedicated to the highest standards and best clinical practices in the mental health field. Therefore we utilize a treatment team approach. Weather you are an adult, couple with the need to utilize are chatting option, or any other of our treatment modalities mentioned above. Or whether you are a parent of a youngster, preteen, teen, young adult or perhaps a college student.

All of our counselors meet at least once a week with their clinical supervisor to discuss any unique clinical challenges that may be revealed during the course of treatment. This ensures that SoPsyched clients can benefit from the wisdom and expertise of our entire clinical team.

Having a treatment team working on your behalf gives you the clinical benefits of both worlds. A private space in which you can heal, as well as having an entire team of credentialed and professional clinicians supporting you behind the scenes. When you have several clinicians discussing their entire caseload with one another, of course this is a great benefit, not only due to the support that each clinician is receiving from their clinical supervisor, but also any new ideas that clinicians share with one another as they are brainstorming on the behalf of their prospective clients.

treatment team approach therapy
You Are Not a Commodity

SoPsyched Is dedicated and devoted to the highest level of client care. As the founder, and business owner of three prior mental health programs; I've always been driven by the desire to Prioritize Quality Care over profits.

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