A Full Wrap Around

A Full Wrap Around

A Full Wrap Around

At SoPsyched we offer a full therapeutic wrap-around online program. While some other online providers offer a chatting online option only, (which of course chatting is not therapy)! If you need anything beyond that, or a higher-level of care, what they offer is several hotline numbers for you to call. don’t get me wrong, I believe offering these hotline numbers is very important, but this is only one area where being a therapeutic wrap around online program completely separates itself from the others. Not to mention unlike any other online mental health service platform, we are both. Yes, we are an online mental health platform, but more importantly we are an actual treatment program, and are experts in the services we provide.

As someone with an extensive history in mental health and addictive behavioral treatment, I have had the opportunity to have worked in all different levels of care. With people struggling with or suffering from different types of mental health disorders, or just struggling with the stressors in everyday living. I have also created and implemented the program philosophies, as well as managed the treatment teams to serve our clients.

Speaking of treatment teams for one moment, I would say having a treatment team approach is the most important aspect of any treatment program of any sort. Weather it be therapeutic chatting, online therapies, in-home counseling, or any other therapy services we provide. Of course this would include any and all traditional in person therapy approaches, which there are many.

a full wrap around

I’d like to talk a bit about the concept (Wrap-around program). I learned and understood as a young clinician that if I was to genuinely guide, support and hopefully inspire the people I serve that I would have to be there for them every step of the way. So what would that look like, well, regardless what type of treatment a person or family needs, or what type of challenges a client may have, that I or my team would have the resources necessary to provide if need be, no matter what! Once again, weather the treatment a client needs is online therapeutic chatting, video psychotherapy, or coaching sessions, or any of the other traditional treatment services for mental health and addictive behavioral problems, Including services that perhaps we do not directly provide.

Simply put, there are the modalities and treatment approaches which SoPsyched directly provides. And not only our are counselors highly skilled and trained, but practice the SoPsyched philosophy. which in part, entails excellent client care first, and utilizing our treatment team approach to help a client through anything they may face.

There are also other counselors of many different specialties as well as residential treatment facilities, and psychiatric services which are in the SoPsyched Network. Between the two this enables us to not only provide any service which our clients may need, But equally as important to not allow a client to slip clinically through the cracks!

In my mind, the concept and term (wraparound treatment) Is not only offering and providing different forms of treatment, but most important, regardless of what type of treatment that is being provided that all of a client’s therapeutic and clinical needs will be met. This is why having and utilizing a treatment team approach is essential, as well as having many other professionals in the SoPsyched network is a very important aspect of our wraparound treatment.

Although there are many examples, I Would like to share a couple of them with you.

Example # 1 let’s say someone is utilizing our chatting option, and at some point in time the client has decompensated and has begin engaging in some form of self-harm behaviors. Of course their primary counselor would utilize all their skills in an attempt to help the client stop engaging in these self-destructive behaviors. However if that is not enough, at that point then the primary counselor will contact their clinical supervisor and engage the treatment team to discuss possible strategies and interventions that could be effective and helpful for this particular client. At that point it would be obvious that this particular client would need some form of a higher level of care beyond chatting. Therefore we would engage the client, and talk about a number of ideas such as the need for either online psychotherapy sessions, face to face sessions, joining one of our therapy groups, either online or in person, or utilizing our network. Yes, in this example if the client needed face to face psychotherapy, or perhaps a holistic approach, and that was not enough then we would help facilitate and offer the client an even higher level of care such as the possible need to see a psychiatrist for medication, and of course we have many other treatment options available.

As far as we are concerned the most important aspects in this process Is to make sure our clients do not slip through the critical cracks, as in my experience this seems to be problematic with way too many treatment providers out there. And to ensure that our clients are taken through the treatment and healing process from A to Z. With that said, of course we can only take our clients as far in the healing process as they will allow.

Example # 2 Similar situation, but only this time the client has become suicidal. Are clinical supervisor would be contacted immediately and we would get the client immediate attention that they need on the spot in Real Life Time!

So as you can see a true wrap around program actually means once we are treating a client at SoPsyched for any reason utilizing any of our services, we will make sure that any and all interventions and psychological strategies are employed to help the client, as well as doing everything possible within our power to make sure the client is not only safe but that we get them the higher level of care that would be indicated.

Please contact us if you have any questions.