Online Therapeutic Groups

The interactive nature of group therapy creates an environment that promotes acceptance, empowerment, and a sense of oneness. We offer various types of groups that are facilitated by a highly skilled therapist, as well as many self-help groups. Each member of the group shares at their own pace and comfort level.

Although group therapy can feel a bit intimidating for some, but that is due to the fact that perhaps you may be feeling a bit more vulnerable and exposed sharing your personal issues and feelings with a group. One thing to be clear about, the more vulnerable you feel in a group situation is usually caused by your own projections. In other words, human beings are constantly projecting feelings, thoughts, judgments and our own deep-seeded beliefs about ourselves unto the external world/ other people.

In a group setting it is quite natural for us to perceive from others nothing more then what we are projecting onto them about ourselves. The truth is, other group members actually know nothing about us. But yet, this is one of our greatest fears as human beings, is that other people can see right through us. We are frightened that if they knew what we believe about ourselves, or see in ourselves, then perhaps they would reject us, as we reject or struggle with those aspects of ourselves. Which we label as bad or no good. Of course, that causes us to experience a certain amount of anxiety and shame, which can be dealt with in the group process if you choose.

Simply put, we call this, projection creates perception. (What we are projecting reflects back to us as perception)! An aspect of our mind is projecting information and data that we have held in the subconscious aspect of our minds since we were born. It is one thing to actually be judged by another person, however it is much more damaging psychologically when we are the ones that cast judgement upon ourselves!

Group psychotherapy is a wonderful tool and experience to overcome these self held beliefs and Judgments. It is quite normal, who actually wants to be rejected, no one! So yes, group therapy promotes self-acceptance through the group. Empowerment, getting to truly know and understand at the core of our self that we are a powerful being in this world. We are inspired as we begin to accept what others see and think about us. And we get to experience a sense of Oneness, as we are all in this together helping each other heal these wounded parts of our minds through the relationships we have built through the group process. Lastly, if we are fortunate enough, we would have built lifelong relationships with others that truly get us!

At SoPsyched we facilitate many types of therapy groups. To help you work through self-esteem issues, relationship challenges, identification issues, such as false or negative self-talk, or beliefs which you may hold about and against yourself. Also process groups, that will help you learn how to process your own emotional world. We also provide specialty groups for sexual abuse or other types of traumatic experiences. We provide women’s, men’s and co-ed groups.

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