What Is SoPsyched

SoPsyched is a first-of-its-kind online mental health and addictive behavioral platform and treatment program. Utilizing innovative technology, best clinical practices and holistic approaches. SoPsyched offers you the best of both worlds. Using a hybrid approach, SoPsyched offers both online and in-person mental health services.

With the emergence of technology in our everyday lives, SoPsyched’s mental health and addictive behavioral programs are available at the touch of a button.

Our technology-based treatment services make it convenient, private and flexible for you to receive services when and how you need them. Our affordable and accessible services make it easier than ever before for you to commit to improving your mental health. Online we offer therapeutic chatting, secure and HIPAA compliant video therapy, counseling and coaching    sessions, as well as various online groups which are facilitated by one of our highly trained therapists.

At SoPsyched, psychotherapy, counseling and coaching are not only for diagnosable mental health issues. Actually many people need support and guidance to deal with relationship issues whether they be at work, school, family life or in our modern day-to-day social interactions. Knowing that you have a SoPsyched counselor seven days a week to connect with during these times of distress, or simply because you find yourself needing or wanting to work on issues such as self-esteem can be ensuring with a sense that you are not alone.

SoPsyched 🙂